Welcome readers and authors to the Techromancy Scrolls!

The Techromancy Scrolls is an Open World where authors can write stories using the epic swords and sorcery meets steampunk world of a post apocalyptic Earth. Authors can sign up to write anything from short stories, to full novels featuring existing characters and locations in the evolving Lands of Sparo. Or you can create your own characters in the open world!

When an author submits a story to us, we will review it and if it meets our quality standards, and feel it will add to the overall experience of the Techromancy Scrolls universe. We will publish the story in future volumes.

One of the most exciting things about writing for the Techromancy Scrolls is that you maintain rights to your own story, even though it is written in the world developed by Erik Schubach! We have three month exclusive publishing and promotional rights to the story, then that reverts to non-exclusive publishing and promotional rights in perpetuity. After the initial three months, an author can republish the story in their own anthologies. The only limitation is that you are not allowed to write any subsequent stories in the Techromancy Scrolls world without submitting each to us for the same approval and publishing process. When we publish, we split the royalties with you, the author (or authors) in a volume, 50/50. In the case of multiple authors in a single volume, the 50% of royalties will be split between authors according to percentage of the book each story takes up. We will publish each volume as eBooks, paperbacks, and AudioBooks on many retailer platforms such as Amazon.com

The exciting thing is, being an Open World, your characters and locations can be used by any other participating author to continue to build upon the expanding universe. You can limit the use of characters and locations by marking them in one of three ways. Free to use. Permission based, where other authors need your permission and they will collaborate with you when using any of your characters or locations. Or, Locked, which prevents anyone from using your characters in their stories except to mention their names or something that character did in your story.

This concept of an Open World gives readers a constantly expanding, epic universe of the Techromancy Scrolls!